2020-21シーズン 第11節vs青森ワッツ 総括





Good evening, everyone. Thank you for everything.
Today, I played a game that was a waste of time, 84-87. We trailed by 10 points in the first half, but the game was turned over in the second half… We pushed back one more time, but it was caught up with us and we lost the game. Even though we led in the first half, our defense wasn’t very good, and we wanted to correct that, but in the second half, we were outscored by 51 points again. In this one, I regret that I didn’t make my players understand that we had to win on defense.
Also in the scouting part, there was a problem of lack of time, but if we could have focused more on the individuals, we could have done more. Today’s game is a game in which we have a lot of self-reflection.

There are positive aspects of our defense and offense at times, but we also got impatient at important times and had a lot of turnovers throughout the game, so we have to think about what we want to do again, and each one of us has to do our best. We’re going to make sure that everyone is able to play basketball, that we’re going to be able to face the goal and attack forward. Anyway, we have a lot of young legs so that we don’t lose our defensive intensity at all times, and we want to make sure that everyone out there, regardless of age or nationality, does a good job of defending and handling the ball well, which is the basic thing we’re trying to do.
Also, in this game, we had Ish, who was injured, with us, so we wanted to win in front of him, but I felt that we might have put too much effort into the game.
I’ve just returned to the hotel in Aomori, but tomorrow I’ll practice in Aomori, and then I’ll return to Tokyo in the evening. It will be the next fight in less than 24 hours after I return, so I want to prepare well for the next fight, which I can do in a short time.
Kagawa-san is an offensive team, so we will fight to show that we are a defensive team. Home games, please help us with your support.
If we don’t push back the flow here, we will suffer if we return to the pace of consecutive losses, so we will do our best to win here. We want to show you all what a victory looks like at home, so please continue to support us! Thank you so much to everyone who came to Aomori today and to everyone who supported us at Basket LIVE!


(From Staff)