2020-21シーズン 第15節vs佐賀バルーナーズ 総括


1/2 Day1


Good evening, everyone. We have been preparing for our first game of 2021, hoping to start the year with some momentum, but we ended up losing by 20 points. Personally, I was looking forward to today’s game because our opponent’s HC is an assistant coach for the Spanish national team, and they are a team with a different style in the league. In reality, the score gap was quite large, but from the second quarter onward, we were able to keep up with each other, and one thing that was encouraging was that we were able to respond to adjustments made during the game. In terms of the younger players, Kurihara and Kane did a great job of leading the team. Leo, who came off the bench, also made a positive contribution with his rebounding and goaltending.
As for tomorrow, if we do what we need to do, we will be fine and I believe we can recover. We will do our best to continue the things we did well, and I think the battle of adjustments will be worth watching. Please give us your support again tomorrow.

1/3 Day2


Good evening everyone, and thank you for your support over the past two days.
Unfortunately, we lost again, this time for the second straight time. We were able to reduce the number of goals scored from 91 yesterday to 70 today, but unfortunately we couldn’t shoot as well as we wanted. They did a good job of adjusting to yesterday’s loss, and their physical strength increased, and they were able to enforce their promises.
In the second half, we had a lot of trouble with our offense, and if we had made one or two more shots, we could have taken the game to a different level, but we let them make threes at key points. Today we hid our zone more or less compared to yesterday, but we couldn’t move well at the critical points. If we had been able to control it a little more in the second half, we might have been able to see something different.
The next game is the first home game of 2021, so we will do our best to deliver a victory.
The players are working hard, so please continue to support us. I don’t know if you are getting the message, but thanks to your support, I can see that things are changing little by little. I’m not sure if you can tell, but thanks to your support, I can see that I’m changing a little bit. Sometimes my feelings are so strong that I’m spinning out of control, but I hope you can watch over me. Thank you very much for your support over the past two days!


(From Staff)